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GP14 Dinghy: One Design Data Sheet

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GP14 Sails

Sail type Price

Cut from 4.46 Polykote Ripstop. Complete with leech tell tales, battens, clew slider, soft foot, cunningham, insignia, sail numbers and long sailbag.

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Cut from 4.46 Polykote. This design is available as an option for those preferring to use their GP 14 for cruising. (See also GP 14 Sport Sails).


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Cut from in SuperKote 75 complete with sail numbers, full colour choice and sailbag.

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Cut from 4.46 Polykote. Complete with luff tell tales, Polymex window, hot cut leech, stainless luff wire and long genoa bag.


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Royalty labels (per sail)


UK delivery rolled in protective tube


GP14 Sport Sails

Sail type Price

Cut from 5.9 oz Contender Polypreg. Complete with leech tell tales, battens, clew slider, cunningham, insignia, 1 row of reef points (if required), sail numbers and valise sailbag.

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Cut from 5.9 oz Contender Polypreg. Complete with tabled leech, tell tales, stainless luff wire (to the same size as genoa if required), hanks (if required), and sailbag.

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Crosscut cut from 1029. Full colour choice. Complete with sail numbers and sailbag.

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Cut from 5.9 oz Contender Polypreg. Complete with tabled leech, luff tell tales, window, stainless luff wire, hanks (if required) and valise sailbag.

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GP14 Dinghy Class Data

The GP14 is a popular sailing dinghy, with over 14,000 built. The class is active in the UK, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka and parts of north-eastern USA, and the GP 14 can be used for both racing and cruising. The boat is relatively heavy, but stable, and the weight and the freeboard together with her lines combine to make her an excellent sea boat. She is also an ideal boat to learn to sail in.

The class is raced competitively, and offers excellent close racing; she is a very forgiving and easy boat to sail, but a very challenging and demanding and immensely rewarding boat to sail really well. At the highest level of competition the standard is world class, and it is not unusual to find reigning or past Olympic Champions entering the major GP14 Championships, and being defeated.

The GP14 was designed by Jack Holt in 1949. The idea behind the design was to build a General Purpose (GP) 14-foot dinghy which could be cruised, raced or rowed, capable of also being powered effectively by a small outboard motor, able to be towed behind a small family car and able to be launched and recovered reasonably easily, and stable enough to be able to lie to moorings or anchor when required

The boat was initially designed with a main and small jib as a comfortable family dinghy. In a design philosophy that is both practical and highly redolent of social attitudes of the day the intention was that she should accommodate a family comprising parents plus two children, and specifically that the jib should be modest enough for "Mum" or older children to handle, while she should perform well enough to give "Dad" some excitement when not taking the family out. While this rig is still available, and can be useful when using the boat to teach sailing, or for family sailing, and has some popularity for cruising, the boat is more commonly seen with the full modern rig of a mainsail, genoa and spinnaker. Australian boats also routinely use trapezes

It seems almost by accident, and yet it is a splendid testimony to her designer, that what was originally conceived on such a broad-based brief has also turned out to be an outstanding racing dinghy, offering close and rewarding competition at the very highest level.

Draft 1,200 mm (47 in)
Hull weight 132.9 kg
LOA 4.27 m (14 ft)
Beam 1.54 m
Spinnaker area 8.4 m
Upwind sail area 12.85 m
D-PN 100.9
RYA PN 1131

GP14 Dinghy Class

2018 Events

Aug 2019

03 August - 09 August
2019 GP14 UK National Championship South Caernarvonshire YC

Jun 2020

27 June - 29 June
2020 GP14 UK National Championship Weymouth and Portland Sailing Academy

Banks Sails Limited

Banks Sails was founded because of the demand for dinghy and small keelboat sails designed by Bruce Banks and later by Ken Rose. They quickly established a reputation as an innovative supplier of top quality dinghy and small keelboat sails.

Over the years, these standards have been maintained and a great many top dinghy sailors and World and National Champions have used and helped to develop Banks Sails.

In 1969 we became the first sailmaker to install a computer for sail design - our Stantec Zebra valve computer is now a museum piece! Ken's Checkmate design system, which was introduced in 1983, was the first program able to shape sails vertically and horizontally at the same time, making full use of the new generation of kevlar/mylar fabrics.

Bank Sails continues to integrate the very latest in technology with proven craftsmanship on the loft floor. Every sail is an individual labour of love.

In 1999 we were delighted to announce that we were to merge with Ratsey & Lapthorn of Cowes, Isle of Wight, thereby forming the largest British sailmaker.

Today we have an enviable network of international lofts and a reputation for continued excellence in all fields of sail design, be it racing, cruising or one design.